IKZ-50P Short-range Interrogator

The IKZ-50P is a short-range IFF Mark XIIA interrogator dedicated for close-range air defense systems (SHORAD and VSHORAD). The device supports both fixed and rotating antenna systems, and provides discrete control interface for MANPAD systems. State-of-the-art digital circuitry and advanced signal processing, including monopulse detection, ensure superior accuracy, performance and noise immunity.

The IKZ-50P supports military identification in Modes 4 and 5 (with an appropriate crypto computer installed). Sophisticated built-in test (BIT) procedures and modular design ensure efficient fault detection and repair, and software updates provide future growth capability. The IKZ-50P’s small size and low power consumption, combined with support for fixed and rotating antenna systems, make it a versatile short-range IFF device compatible with a wide array of air defense platforms.


IKZ 50

supports Mode 4 and Mode 5 Level 1 (software-upgradeable to Level 2)

compliant with STANAG 4193 Edition 3

supports fixed- and rotating-antenna platforms

state-of-the-art digital circuitry and advanced processing algorithms for superior accuracy, performance and noise immunity

monopulse processing for accurate position estimation

supports KIV-77/SIT2010 and compatible crypto computers for Mode 5 cryptographic security

extensive fault detection capability through advanced built-in test (BIT) procedures

modular design for quick repairs and easy hardware upgrades

future growth capability through firmware updates

standard ASTERIX protocol for broad interoperability with primary radar and C4ISR systems

dedicated discrete control interface for MANPAD systems

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