3D Mobile Medium Range Surveillance Radar N22-N(3D)

The N22-N(3D) Medium Range 3D Surveillance Radar is intended for tactical use. Radar is recommended as AA squadron/battery level sensor or as a mobile system to fill the gaps in radar network coverage.

The radar rotating phased array antenna features multiple stacked beams in elevation plane to determine azimuth, range and height of the target within wide range of elevation angles with short data refreshment time.
The radar can operate in two modes, depending on rotation rate of the antenna. The ECCM means as low antenna sidelobes, jam direction finding and tracking, automatic selection of the less jammed frequency, CFAR.

The digitized radiolocation data are supplied by radio.


N22-N(3D) - advantages

  • capability of detection of low-flying targets
  • high mobility
  • short time of deployment
  • high immunity against clutter and jamming
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