BYSTRA Redeployable Radar

The BYSTRA Redeployable Radar is designed for detecting and localizing air targets at short ranges and for supporting air-defense units that cover tactical battle groups against attacks from the air. BYSTRA is a multifunction and multi-mission radar with versatile capabilities and various applications, including detection and tracking of typical air threats as combat aircrafts and helicopters (also when hovering), as well as missiles, UAVs and mortar shells.

The radar can operate in several modes matched to the predefined combat missions. In each mode, an omnidirectional search is performed by rotating the antenna and by scanning space using software formed antenna beams. This enables the effective use of the radar resources and allows for adjusting search patterns to characteristics of a deployment site and to the accomplished function (detection/tracking) or the combat mission.


Bystra - advantages

  • technical means that decrease the probability of intercept by the enemy’s electronic warfare
  • enhanced immunity against clutter and jamming
  • redeployable with various transportation means, including planes
  • short deployment and march order time
  • enhanced immunity against anti-radar missiles (ARM)
  • capability of co-operating with the automated anti-aircraft C2 systems used by different armed forces
  • capability of detecting low observables
  • capability of detecting active mortars and of determining coordinates of launch and impact points.
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