RM-100 Mobile Radar

The RM-100 Mobile Radar is a survaillence system, which employs a X-Band FMCW CRM-100M quiet maritime radar in conjunction with AIS receiver, data-fusion and data-transmission systems, relaying the data to the automated naval command and control system.

It was designed to detect and automatically track the maritime surface objects and determine their coordinates. It is intended to use for littoral waters monitoring, including the economic zone protection.

The Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology ensures low power level of the transmit signal (0.1W to 2 W), which makes RM-100 a stealth Low Probability of Intercept radar. The detection performance is comparable to that of conventional navigational pulse radar, radiating up to 25 kW peak power, what offers a tactical advantage of normal operation under radar silence conditions.

The RM-100 Mobile Radar post, which is furnished with a land navigation system and a communication system enabling operating within automated Naval Command and Control System, is installed within one 15-feet EMC-shielded operational container, fitted onto a Jelcz P66D.43 6 x 6 off-road truck. The antenna array is mounted atop a 20-meter mast, deployed within 30 minutes by a crew of three.


RM-100 - advantages

  • virtually undetectable by the RWRs, therefore ability to work under radar silence
  • low-level of output power poses no risk to human health
  • very high resolution with no dead zone
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