SZAFRAN Automated Tactical C2 Information System

The SZAFRAN Command and Control System is designed to support the Land Forces battalion-, brigade-, division- or corps-level command, and to assist the staff work by enabling automated command activities and processes. The SZAFRAN solutions ensure monitoring of the battlefield operational and tactical picture and providing support to the complete command cycle.

The SZAFRAN system is composed of a family of command vehicles and dedicated software. The system operates with LANs developed of the relevant level command posts. The LANs are networked via dedicated data transfer communication links, separated from the tactical communication system.

Functional capabilities:

  • current battlefield situation monitoring and digital map overlays
  • terrain analysis based on digital maps and digital terrain model
  • preparing, management and exchange of the staff graphical and text documents
  • planning/modelling of the operational intentions (decision variants)
  • computation of the force ratios
  • creation and exchange of the formatted messages (ADatP-3)
Battlefield Picture Display:

  • easy location of the geographical items by geographic names index
  • creation and presenting of the battlefield picture with APP-6A compatible tactical symbols
  • battlefield picture visualization control by displaying maps of various scales, activating and hiding overlays showing specific phases of the operation
  • creation of the supplementary graphical staff documents
Terrain analysis:

  • visual contact assesment
  • flooding zones plotting
  • terrain relief plotting
  • terrain profile plotting
  • azimuth calculations
  • distance between points calculation
Utility characteristics:

  • use of tactical communication network
  • armed Forces arms of service command and control assistance systems integration capability
  • interoperability with NATO member-states C2I systems
  • hardware and software infrastructure extensibility
  • state of art IT solutions
  • COTS hardware and software
  • standard communications protocols
  • standard operating systems (MS Windows, Solaris)
  • MS Office application software
  • IBM Informix Dynamic Server-based DBMS
  • operating temperatures range (major system components): – 30°C ÷ +55°C
  • capable of operation in difficult weather conditions (rain, snow, dust)
  • capable of operation in NBC warfare conditions
  • capable of operation on the move (selected components of the system)


Szafran - advantages

  • increasing the information flow within the CP where system is deployed and the whole cooperating units cluster resulting in cutting-down of the reaction time
  • increasing the volume of information used in the command process
  • accelerating the planning process
  • reducing the time and effort needed to create and distribute the staff documents
  • creating and distribution of the Recognized Ground Picture (RGP)
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