UMBRELLA Anti-Aircraft System

The UMBRELLA Anti-Aircraft system is dedicated for fighting low-altitude flying airborne targets (fixed or rotary-wing) as well as lightweight armored ground and naval surface targets, day and night, all weather. The UMBRELLA makes use of gun or gun/missile anti-aircraft sets with MANPADS-class missiles (GROM or STRELA-2M).

The command vehicle is furnished with equipment designed to detect and track the targets, to control a battery of guns and to co-operate with superordinate command post as well as with remote radars. Anti-aircraft guns of various calibers (23, 35 or 57 mm), or gun/missile anti-aircraft VSHORAD systems can be applied.

Autonomous detection and tracking of targets is provided with use of integrated optoelectronic sensor head which consicts of a FLIR camera, a CCTV camera, a laser range-finder and an IFF interrogator.

The system is powered by an auxiliary 20 kW power unit which is towed by the Command Vehicle on a single-axle trailer.


Umbrella - advantages

  • high fire effectiveness resulting from cetralised, automated, precise individual aiming each gun separately
  • early warning and effective fighting
  • hidden operation
  • short deployment time
  • high mobility
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