WG-35 Fire Control Vehicle

The WG-35 Fire Control Vehicle, jointly with its integrated tracking head and its software is an element of the VSHORAD anti-aircraft battery.

WG-35 receives preliminary information on the air picture from the superordinate command level or a local radar, and subsequnetly intercept and tracks the target with use of the optoeletronic tracking head and the videotracker.

As the fire means, typically the 35mm guns can be employed. The WG-35 can configurate a single aiming channel (effector) of high fire power and accuracy, composed of several (up to 8) A-35 guns, operated jointly and in automatic mode.

The basic functionality of the WG-35 Fire Control Vehicle is accomplished by its command subsystem connected by the communication and data exchange system with guns and superordinate command level. For tracking the target, a multisensor optoelectronic head and a videotracker are responsible.

The tracking head has its own subsystem of precise controlling the azimuth and elevation drives.

The WG-35 vehicle is equipped with a remote observation post to provide setting the head on the target. The post is connected with a fiber optic link.

A registration means and meteo station are included.


WG-35 - advantages

  • significantly increased the fire effectiveness
  • capability of advanced cooperation with the system environment providing the combat field situational awareness
  • open software architecture
  • standardized software
  • high mobility and short time of deployment
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