REGA Anti-Aircraft Defense C2 System

The REGA complex solution comprises four cooperating software-hardware modules, dedicated to the commanders, from battery level down to squadron level. The solution enables complete air and tactical situation picture and cooperation with other REGA components working alongside.
Owing to optimized fire solutions and up to 12-fold shortening of the fire solution working-out time in comparison to older systems, the battle performance of an anti-aircraft system is significantly enhanced.

REGA-1 – WD-2001 anti-aircraft battery level command vehicle.

  • basic vehicle – 4 x 4 vehicle,
  • computer work station with display and keyboard,
  • three radios,
  • digital switchboard and telephone sets for wire.


  • ability to work in autonomous mode or in centralized system,
  • up to 8 weapons being controlled at the same time,
  • receiving and evaluation of reports from subordinate units,
  • computer-enhanced fire solutions working-out and tasks allocation to optimize the use of weapons available,
  • ability to support training with testing software,
  • total information delay not exceeding 5 seconds.

REGA-2 – command and control suite for artillery weapon sets (e.g. ZSU-23-4 Shilka) or missile sets (e.g. SA-6 Gainful – 2K12
KUB and SA-8 Gecko-9K3 OSA)

  • computer workstation with display and keyboard,
  • two radios,
  • digital switchboard and telephone sets for wire communication,


  • receiving and visualization of the current air and tactical (ground) situation,
  • automated transmission of the system data (own position, current state of combat readiness, gun ammunition or missiles remaining count) to the higher levels of command and control,
  • receiving target engagement orders from superior command and transmitting reports on results.

REGA-3 – command and control suite for command posts of anti-aircraft defense subunits with towed AA guns (e.g. ZU-23-2, ZUR-23-2S, -2J) or MANPADS (e.g. SA-7 Grail or Polish GROM)

  • data exchange computer terminal
  • portable transceiver,
  • hand-held transceiver,
  • wire-communication terminal,
  • GPS receiver.


  • receiving and visualization of air situation data and positions of subordinate units,
  • computer-aided fire solution work-out and fire task allocation to the particular subordinate units (squads),
  • exchange order and reports with superior and subordinate units.

REGA-4 – command and control panel for direct integration with individual towed guns and MANPADS launchers:

  • data exchange computer terminal,
  • hand-held transceiver,
  • GPS receiver.


  • receiving the air situation data and target engagement orders from the REGA-3 level,
  • visualization of targets indicated for engagement,
  • displaying graphically other target tracks of potential interest,
  • exchanging messages (orders or reports) with the superior command and the subordinates,
  • transmitting reports concerning own position, combat capability and results.

The REGA family of systems is meant for lower tactical air defense levels for command and control support by automating the data processing. The REGA system ensures precise target indication and fire solutions for the air defense weapons.

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