Code of Ethics

PIT-RADWAR S.A. manufactures state-of-the-art equipment for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. For more than 80 years already we have been running a large-scale R&D, manufacturing and trade operations, while developing Polish defense capabilities and Polish technical expertise, and constantly expanding our cooperation with the world of science and business. Relying on our best tradition, we go to every effort to enjoy reputation and record achievements that we can be proud of.

Our goal has always been to constantly enhance our product innovation, to strive to meet our Client’s needs and to offer products of prime quality. We operate according to the highest technical, safety and quality standards, and ethical and responsible business is the overarching principle which we abide by. We are aware that our conduct has a tangible impact on the success of our ventures, and on the trust and the satisfaction of our Clients and partners.

The Company’s success and the conditions in which we operate depend, to a great extent, on the attitude of all our people, on the sense of responsibility for the Company and its growth, on our commitment to action and on the way of building interpersonal relations.

The means used to achieve our ambitions counts as much as the outcome itself.

This Code of Ethics of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, which is in force in our company, embodies our conviction that ethical values and norms are vital and constitute the foundation of our everyday business. Its aim is to strengthen and further develop trust, both internally and in relations with the external world. It should support the creation of our corporate culture and the Company’s common core value system.

While acting in line with the values and principles enshrined in this Code of Ethics, we are better able to maintain the highest standards in all areas of our activity.



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