Microwave amplifiers

The amplifiers are intended to be used mainly as power boosters to drive power TWTs. The structure of the amplifier consists of microwave amplifying section, and supply and control unit. The amplifier, depend on solution, includes:

  • built in test equipment system (BITE),
  • internal output power regulator,
  • isolators which assure amplifier stability and insensibility to load mismatch,
  • output power control plug,
  • different RF connectors (SMA(m), SMA(f) or N(f)).

The amplifiers are protected against microwave pulse width exceed specified level and negative voltage feed also.

Solid-state microwave low-noise amplifiers

Solid-state low-noise amplifiers can be used as a replacement for tube amplifiers in receive channels. Their design and connectors allows direct replacing of tube amplifiers without mechanical changes. They are protected by a solid-state limiter.

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