AM-35 35mm Naval Gun System

The ship artillery system based on the AM-35 naval gun is designed for fighting the air targets at very low up to medium altitudes. The system is an effective weapon against UAVs. It can be used also to fight the sea surface targets.

The system consists of the AM-35 automatic gun, the integrated ZGS-158M tracking head, the SHO fire control post and the RSKO backup fire control post.

The open architecture of the system, its modularity and scalability enable to integrate the system into the ships of various classes.

In the AM-35 naval gun, the 35mm automatic cannon is applied. It is furnished with upgraded dual-sided feeding with linked ammunition ammunition supply from two magazines, to allow alternate feeding two types of ammunition, e.g. ABM and FAPDS-T.

Reloading, triggering, the means to program the length of round and choice of the magazine are steered electrohydraulically. Fast exchanged barrel is air-cooled.The gun has its own orientation and inertial navigation system.

Double brushless electronically controlled servomotors of the gun traversing and stabilization subsystems, in azimuth and elevation plane, provide high dynamics and precision of the movements. The newest power engineer electronics solutions, as for instance the supercapacitors, are implemented.


AM-35 - advantages

  • 35mm caliber, being an optimum resultant of many diverge requirements
  • high fire rate
  • capability of precise striking
  • integrated artillery functionalities
  • capability of exchanging data with ship command system
  • high level of automatisation of the system
  • versatile steering and diagnostics circuitry applicable in Land Forces guns
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