On September 5-8, 2017, the 24th jubilee edition of the International Defence Industry Exhibition takes place in Kielce. Similarly to previous years, PIT-RADWAR S.A., presents its offer as part of the exhibition of the Polish Armaments Group, which is the Strategic Partner of the event.

This year, at the Company’s stand you can see:

  •     BYSTRA deployable mobile radar station,
  •     WARTA mobile 3D long-range radar station,
  •     POPRAD self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system,
  •     IFF Mark XIIA system devices,
  •     the army support systems.

The BYSTRA radar station is designed to detect and indicate targets for the SHORAD systems used to protect tactical combat units from airborne threats. It is a multi-functional and multi-purpose radar with versatile capabilities and applications, capable of detecting and tracking typical airborne targets such as combat aircraft and helicopters (also when hovering), missiles, as well as UAVs and mortar grenades.

WARTA is a multi-mission 3D radar, which operates in the L band and controls airspace by using a semiconductor active antenna. The Warta radar station meets NATO-defined technical requirements for DADR (Deployable Air Defence Radar) radars.

The POPRAD Self Propelled Missile System is intended to detect, recognize and destroy air targets at close distances and low altitudes using self-guided short-range missiles. The POPRAD can be used to shield columns of troops, staging points, command posts and clusters, as well as airports, ports, industrial plants, junctions, etc. against air attacks.

The IFF Mark XIIA system devices include IDZ-50 and ISZ-50 interrogators and TRL-50 and TRN-50 transponders.

The IDZ-50 and ISZ-50 interrogators of the IFF MARK XIIA system are designed to work with long-range and medium-range radar stations. They work in modes 1, 2, 3 / A, C and S and, after connecting an appropriate encoder, in modes 4 and/or 5.

The TRL-50 is a remotely controlled transponder in the IFF Mark XIIA system (operating in 1, 2, 3 / A, C and S modes, and 4 and/or 5 modes after connecting an encoder) with the “diversity” function. This device is designed for installation in aircraft and ships.

In the Reverse IFF (RIFF) system, intended for air-to-ground identification, the TRL-50 transponder acts as an interrogator.

The TRN-50 is a remotely controlled RIFF transponder for use on land and naval platforms.

The Company also demonstrated its competence in the army support systems, which is exemplified by the FENIKS, an automated command system for tactical unit, designed to perform command operations in the echelon of corps, division, brigade and battalion of the ground troops, and to assist in the staff work through the automation of command activities and processes. The solutions used in the FENIKS system provide the monitoring of the current operational and tactical situation and assist the command process in its all phases.

Our systems can also be watched at the exhibition of the General Command of the Polish Armed Forces. This year, the ODRA mobile 3D medium-range radar, the LIWIEC radar surveillance system, and the POPRAD self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system are exhibited.

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