The ARTURO project is entering the implementation phase

The European Defense Agency (EDA) has started implementing two strategic research projects in the field of defense - ARTURO and ECOBALLIFE, under the European Defense Fund (EDF) 2021. PIT-RADWAR S.A. belongs to the consortium implementing the ARTURO project.

EDF encourages cooperation and supports the competitiveness of the European technological and industrial base of the defense sector. Its aim is to provide financial support for defense research and capacity building. In accordance with the EDF Regulations and after signing the Contribution Agreement by the European Commission, EDA indirectly manages the projects.

The project "Advanced radar technology in eUROpe" is being implemented as part of ARTURO. It brings together the latest technologies, concepts and trends in the field of radar technology, responding to the future operational needs of the European armed forces.

ARTURO is run by a consortium led by Leonardo (Italy). It consists of 25 participants from 11 countries. The €20 million project started on October 4 and 5, 2023 in Rome and will end in 36 months.


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