International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) 2023 - summary

The 31st edition of the International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) in Kielce is already behind us. It was an extremely intense 4 days, full of a number of important events. Please read the summary.

This year's MSPO took place on September 5-8. The strategic partner, as in previous years, was the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The exhibition of the entire PGZ Capital Group was accompanied by the slogan "The Generation Leap of Munition Industry". And this leap was visible when looking at the exposure of individual companies, which was innovative and diversified. PIT-RADWAR S.A. stands, located inside and outside hall C, attracted visitors with the following range of products:

1. P-18PL mobile long-range preliminary detection radar

2. Redeployable Radiolocation Station (ZDPSR) BYSTRA

3. Redeployable Radiolocation Station (ZDPSR) SOŁA

4. AG-35 automatic cannon system on Jelcz chassis – 3D model

5. OSU-35K Naval Weapon System

6. ICT subsystem for combat platforms

7. ZENIT Weapons Control Device

8. Programmable ammunition system - 3D model

9. VR point

Agreements concluded with domestic and foreign partners are an integral element of the fair. It is worth emphasizing that the total value of the concluded and approved contracts, according to preliminary estimates, is approximately PLN 60 billion. From the point of view of PIT-RADWAR S.A. the most important days in this respect were Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, the Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, in the presence of the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, approved further executive contracts for the acquisition of NAREW short-range anti-aircraft missile systems. Two agreements concluded between the State Treasury - Armament Agency and the PGZ-NAREW Consortium composed of: Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. (leader), PIT-RADWAR S.A., Huta Stalowa Wola S.A., Jelcz Sp. z o. o., Mesko S.A., Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Mariskiej S.A., PCO S.A., Wojskowe Zakłady Głosności No. 1 S.A., Wojskowe Zakłady Ubezpieczenia S.A., Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne S.A. and Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów S.A., envisage the delivery of key elements of the NAREW short-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system. The first one includes over 1,000 CAMM-ER rockets, and the second one includes almost 140 rocket launchers adapted to work with IBCS. The agreements assume the delivery of elements of NAREW battery sets from 2027 to 2035.

The Minister of National Defense, in the presence of the President of the Republic of Poland, also approved the agreement between the State Treasury - Armament Agency and the PGZ-PILICA+ consortium composed of: Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A., PIT-RADWAR S.A., Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów S.A., PCO S.A., Jelcz Sp. z o. o., MESKO S.A., Research and Development Center of Maritime Technology Center S.A., Wojskowe Zakłady Ubezpieczenia S.A. and Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne S.A., for the delivery in 2025-2029 of 22 Zenit MP+ Automated Command Posts (ZSD) for the PILICA+ Rocket and Artillery Systems (ZRA) contracted this year. The value of the contract is approximately PLN 650 million gross. Deliveries also include a training and service package as well as technical documentation.

On the second day, executive agreements were concluded with Raytheon under the second phase of the Wisła program. They concern the new radar – LTAMDS (Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor). As part of the cooperation, selected PGZ companies will gain competences to produce components and subassemblies for LTAMDS radars and to service them. The following companies of the PGZ-Wisła consortium will be involved in cooperation with Raytheon related to the LTAMDS radar: PIT-RADWAR S.A., Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A., Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne S.A., Wojskowe Zakłady Młodych No. 1 S.A. and Wojskowe Zakłady Ubezpieczenia S.A. PIT-RADWAR, together with L3Harris Technologies and PGZ, signed an agreement on the development of communication systems for the Polish Armed Forces and strengthening the potential of the national defense industry in the C4IS domain. Our company joined the MoU of PGZ and Javelin Joint Venture - a company of Raytheon and LockheedMartin - regarding the production of the Javelin anti-tank system in Poland. Based on the letter of intent between PGZ and MBDA UK Limited, the parties agreed to jointly develop a new, low-cost, medium-range missile based on the CAMM family,

intended for the armed forces of Great Britain and Poland. The new CAMM-MR missile concept takes into account the needs of the Ministry of National Defense and is intended to complement the CAMM and CAMM-ER missiles in integrated air defense systems as part of the Miecznik, Wisła, Narew and Pilica+ projects.

We also took care of teaching, expert and research activities by concluding a cooperation agreement with the Academy of War Arts.

MSPO also includes numerous bilateral and multilateral meetings that will result in further agreements serving the development of the national defense sector.

The tradition of the Kielce event is that the fourth day is marked by awards and distinctions. The Special Mention of the Minister of National Defense was awarded to Mała Narew - the PGZ-Narew consortium: Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (leader), PIT-RADWAR, Jelcz sp. z o. o., Wojskowe Zakłady Ubezpieczenia, PCO, MESKO, Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów, Huta Stalowa Wola, Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne , Military Communications Plant No. 1, Research and Development Center of Maritime Technology Center SA.

The anniversary gala was organized by Huta Stalowa Wola, which celebrated its 85th anniversary.

See you next year!

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