NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance CORE SOFTWARE-ONLY PACK (NATO AGS CSOP) – Step to the Next Stage of the Project

Another crucial milestone was achieved during the development of NATO AGS CSOP system.
PIT-RADWAR, which carries out works related to the design and development of AGS CSOP software, has completed a laboratory designed for developing and testing of subsequent software versions of the product ordered by NAGSMA.

The software will consist of two main components:

  • AGS CSOP Server.
  • AGS CSOP Client.

The CSOP is intended for use of disadvantaged operators/analysts who are located outside of the AGS Core, but their task requires them to have access to the data within AGS Core. There would be officers of the operational level HQ and centers responsible for development and preparation of the so-called situation awareness of NATO countries. AGS CSOP software completion is a crucial factor, which enables remote target data management, gathered by AGS system. It is a significant factor in achieving operational readiness for the entire AGS system.

The main purpose of the AGS CSOP Client software, except for browsing information contained in the AGS database, will be a capability to develop new reconnaissance products, which is a significant factor in the process of rising situational awareness.

AGS CSOP Server software will provide system with administrative functions as well as security of information access and transmission.

In the second decade of February 2020, in the AGS CSOP laboratory (PIT-RADWAR), the final SMARF software installation was performed by Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace. It will enable start the real and full tests of the PIT-RADWAR’s developed software in the scope of exchange data on the assumed structures which arise from the standards and norms adopted in the project.

PIT-RADWAR S.A. is one of the leading suppliers of devices in the field of professional electronics for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. The company conducts research and development in the area of radar technology, electronic support and measures, C2 systems and related armament systems, especially air defence systems. The products of PIT-RADWAR S.A. are used by all types of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, as well as abroad. PIT-RADWAR attaches great importance to international cooperation. Among the cooperating companies are among others Thales-Raytheon Systems, Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace.

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