POPRAD Anti-Aircraft Missile System

The POPRAD self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system is intended for fighting low and medium altitude air targets with use of heat-seeking missiles.

The basic functions of POPRAD are accomplished by a tracking-aiming head, which contains a set of electrooptical sensors (thermal camera and laser range-finder), four launchers of GROM missiles, IFF, two-axis drive. The system uses a fire guiding computer and a navigation and orientation system.

Target acquisition is based on digital data radio-link from the automated air defense command and control system or is worked-out autonomously.

The missile launching system is mounted on the Żubr-P off-road truck, other carriers can be used as well.


POPRAD - advantages

  • high mobility
  • short deployment time
  • capability of fight the fast maneouvring targets
  • hidden operation
  • day and night operation
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