ARS-800 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Radar

The ARS-880 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Radar has been developed for use in:

  • airborne search and rescue (SAR) and support of maritime rescue missions,
  • aerial reconnaissance and patrolling,
  • support of customs and economic zone protection,
  • surveillance and protection of fisheries,
  • control of illegal immigration and terrorist threats,
  • operations against surface vessels,
  • natural disaster rescue and recovery support,
  • sea pollution and oil slicks detection.

The ARS-800 radar is used in maritime patrol aircrafts as a stand-alone sensor or a basic component of a multi-sensor recognition system.

The color TFT display image indicates:

  • contact heading,
  • contact distance,
  • contact bearing (relative, true, North),
  • bearing between contacts (North reference),
  • speed relative to ground reference,
  • geographical position.

The image can show analog video input (contacts and coastline) and synthetic indicators (plots, routes, maps, heading markers) separately or in a variety of composite modes.

The onboard navigation system provides the radar with geographical position of the aircraft, its speed vector, altitude, heading, pitch and roll.

The radar can operate stand-alone or co-operate with a dedicated communication system to transmit the contact data to a coastal or shipborne command posts.


ARS-800 - advantages

  • high immunity against jamming
  • leight weight

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar mode to create synthetic map of the coast

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