SDP-20 SAMOC Air Defense Command Post

The SAMOC System is a mobile air defense brigade-level command and control post which provide both capability to command and control legacy post-Soviet SAM launchers (2K11 Krug/SA-4 Ganef, or S-125 Neva/SA-3 Goa etc.) and interoperability with NATO systems.

Basic functions of the SAMOC include:

  • planning of air defense cluster and SAM units deployment,
  • subordinated units RAP-based fire control,
  • threat evaluation and recommendations for optimal weapon assignement,
  • real-time monitoring of the combat units status.

SAMOC is a mobile system, installed in containers on basic vehicle, providing:

  • power supply,
  • air-conditioning, heating, ventilation,
  • EMP protection,
  • automatic fire and radiation detection.
  • SAMOC has four operators’ stations.


Samoc - advantages

  • current estimation of air situation
  • minimizing the reaction times
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